Connor Mulcahey

Student at UC Santa Barbara

Web Developer for UCSB Student Information Systems & Technology

Freelance Web Designer

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Website for the Hudson Valley Flying Circus pole vault club

Website for the green energy grid consulting firm

Website for JPL Talent Inc, a national recruiting firm

Site for outdoor sports vendor in SB that I help maintain

WHS Planner

App I developed for Weston High School students


I am a student who is aspiring to have a successful career as a developer. A developer of what exactly, I am not yet sure. Until I fine my niche (if ever), I hope continue to learn new languages, libraries, and technologies. I love to optimize, refine, and iterate my worflows both by looking for new tools and modifying the ones I have.

Other than programming & desgining, in my spare time I enjoy excercising and following the tech industry religiously.

See also: interview with me while in high school

To keep up and to keep "living the dream," one must continuously learn. To stop learning as a developer is the death of a developer.

— Antonin Januska