Connor Mulcahey

Freelance Web Designer & iOS App Developer

Student Web Developer for UCSB Student Information Systems & Technology

Mathematical Sciences Student at UC Santa Barbara



Website for the Hudson Valley Flying Circus pole vault club

Website for the green energy grid consulting firm

Website for JPL Talent Inc, a national recruiting firm

Site for outdoor sports vendor in SB that I help maintain

WHS Planner

App I developed for Weston High School students

HW 8, Problem 46

Just a basic web app I wipped up to do a tedius astronomy homework problem :/


I am a student who is aspiring to have a successful career as a developer. A developer of what exactly, I am not yet sure. So I'll continue to learn new languages, libraries, and technologies until I find my niche.

Other than coding, in my spare time, I excercise, enjoy the outdoors, and browse Reddit. I also really enjoy pole vaulting.

See also: interview with me while in high school

To keep up and to keep "living the dream," one must continuously learn. To stop learning as a developer is the death of a developer.

— Antonin Januska